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Start Webcam

Requires moderate to good lighting. Glasses/beards may occassionally off tracker, this will be fixed soon! Best when used from 1 - 4ft away (range will be increased to 20+ ft away soon!)


Turn head to move cursor and smile wide to click on things 😊

Insert the component you want to handsfree-ify here, like a YouTube video or Google Map. Then edit /starter.js to control it!

face.cursor.x: 0
face.cursor.y: 0
face.cursor.$target: 0
face.cursor.state.mouseDown: 0
face.cursor.state.mouseDrag: 0
face.cursor.state.mouseUp: 0
face.translationX/Y: (0, 0)
face.rotationX/Y/Z: (0, 0, 0)
face.scale: 0